Riding Lawn Mower Safety

General Mowing Safety

  • Read the owner’s manual and safety information before using your riding lawnmower.
  • Walk around your yard and remove rocks, sticks, toys and other obstacles that could potentially get run over.
  • Fill the gas tank in an open area, such as your driveway, to avoid fume inhalation.
  • Do not carry passengers with you as you mow, even if they are small and are eager for a ride.
  • Wear tight-fitting long pants, ear protection, gloves and non-slip shoes or boots to protect your body from flying debris.

Usage Precautions

  • Before each use, inspect the equipment to ensure that the grass catcher, discharge guard and other safety devices are in proper working order.
  • Adjust the deck cutting height only when the engine is off.
  • Get into the driver’s seat and start the engine. Never start it while standing next to the mower. Also, disengage the transmission before starting it up.
  • Engage the blades at the lowest setting first and then release the brake slowly.
  • Mow in a straight line while watching out for trees, shrubs and other obstacles.
  • When turning, slow down significantly so you maintain control.
  • Do not place your hands or feet near the rotating blades under the machine.
  • Once you are done mowing the lawn, turn off the mower and disengage the blades. Then, clean the clippings from the machine to make sure that it is ready for the next time you want to tackle the lawn.

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