Zeiler Insurance Customer Spotlight: I Heart Keenwah®

The name is I Heart Keenwah® because owners Sarah Chalos and Ravi Jolly​ genuinely love quinoa and they want to spread that love! They spell quinoa using the phonetic spelling to help de-mystify quinoa and to make it easy for people to try their amazing food.

Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, low-glycemic, high in fiber, packed with vitamins and minerals, and has a high protein content - between 14-18%.

I Heart Keenwah® produces quinoa snacks and have expanded into cook-and-serve toasted quinoa and quinoa hot cereal. All of their products proudly feature organic Bolivian Royal Quinoa as the primary ingredient. 

Why Bolivian Royal Quinoa you may ask? Well... 

Bolivian-grown quinoa is touted as the highest quality quinoa in the world! Here are their reasons for choosing Bolivian: 

  • Heirloom Seed. Bolivian Royal Quinoa is an heirloom seed, which means it is a non-hybridized, non-commercially bred or non-GMO seed. Bolivian farmers retain 10% of every year’s harvest to replant for next year’s season. The moniker “Royal Quinoa” is a protected term used solely for Bolivian-origin “heirloom” quinoa (neighboring Peru and Ecuador, in contrast, grow commercially-bred quinoa). 
  • Larger Size. Bolivian quinoa is larger in size, which means its fluffier (when cooked) and nuttier in flavor. 
  • Sustainable. Bolivian farmers employ sustainable farming practices, using lama dung as fertilizer, avoiding chemical pesticides, picking weeds by hand and allowing the soil to rest for a minimum of one year after each harvest.
  • Fair Trade. Bolivian quinoa is cultivated by smallholder farmers (as opposed to agribusiness), and I Heart Keenwah’s commitment to Fair Trade Certification ensures that farmers make a living wage.

For more information and where to purchase these tasty products, Click Here.

For a quick video about I Heart Keenwah®, Click Here

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