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Got Kids in College? Better Get Insurance.

When we look for coverage to extend for a student away at school the first question is: Is the student a member of the household? Home and Auto Insurance policies specifically list the parent or parents names as the insured on the policy. Then we need to look at who else may be an insured in the policy's insurance agreement. You will find that members of the household are included in the definition of who is an insured but, for both the Home and Auto Insurance policies, limitations may arise if your son or daughter is not living in the home and:

  • Your son or daughter is not a full time student.
  • Your son or daughter is over the age of 24.
  • If your son or daughter applied for local residency - coverage may vary and a more thorough analysis of your policy is needed.   

If we're comfortable with our kids being members of the household, coverage will apply for Auto Liability and Personal Liability. 

Property Insurance also extends but only up to 10% of the Personal Property limits on your policy. Items like a tablet, phone, or bike would be included under personal property - the need for property insurance can add up.

Let me know if you have any concerns regarding a college student's coverage.

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