Wood Chipper Safety for Outdoor Worker

Avoid caught-in and struck-by hazards with these pointers

Wood chipper knives generally run between 1,000 and 2,000 revolutions per minute. Combine that with a powered feed mechanism, and it is fair to say you are working with one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment available. Use these tips to remain injury-free when working with wood chippers. III home insurance

Engineering Controls

With moving parts like knives, feed rollers and chip discharge spouts, engineering controls are the first line of defense against injury. Make sure machine guards are in place and properly secured before operation to protect your body from contacting rotating parts and flying chips. Familiarize yourself with operation of the feed control bar, bottom feed stop bar, panic bar or emergency pull ropes in case of disaster. Illinois property insurance

Protective Procedures

  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothes, and tie back hair.
  • Wear one-piece coveralls, earplugs, safety goggles, hard hats and non-gauntlet gloves during operation.
  • Wear a full-face shield and a protective helmet to prevent head injuries.
  • Before starting the chipper, make sure the disc hood is closed, latched and that there are no foreign objects in the infeed area. insurance quotes
  • Designate one or more employees on safety watch duty—have them stand near emergency shut-off devices while co-workers feed material.

Operating Safety

  • Always stand to the side of the infeed chute when loading the chipper.
  • Do not place your hands or feet beyond the curtain guard while the blades are on - use a push stick or brush to force material through.
  • Do not feed small debris through the chipper, and check all material for metal objects before loading.
  • Feed branches butt-end first, and place shorter branches on top of longer ones when feeding.
  • Exercise care when chipping dead or frozen wood to prevent kickbacks.
  • Never stand in front of the feed table when the machine is running.

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