Unknown Hazards of Extra Riders

Regardless of the industry, workers who allow passengers to ride along on equipment intended to transport only one person are asking for an accident. However, some employees may not realize how dangerous this practice is.

Pay attention to the following so you can understand why extra riders on farm, construction, lawn or other heavy equipment is dangerous. It can cause unnecessary injury and make sustaining your loss control and risk management in Alsip, IL harder. In addition to extra riders, click here for a comprehensive reading on how to make your business as safe as possible:  How to Create a Safer Workplace of your Illinois Business

Hazards of Extra Riders

  • The operator may not be able to see his or her surroundings as easily.
  • Access to crucial operating levers or controls on the equipment may be obstructed.
  •  The operator could become distracted by the rider’s presence.
  • There is increased risk of the extra rider being thrown from the equipment because he or she lacks protection from safety belts and rollover features.
  • If the extra rider is outside the cab, he or she is being exposed to potentially harmful dust, noise and chemicals.
  • It increases the risk of a multiple-injury accident.

Alternative Solutions

  • Use a car or truck to transport co-workers to remote work areas.
  • Make sure you have safe transportation back from the remote area at the end of the day so you are not tempted to catch a ride as an extra passenger on equipment.
  • Plan your work assignments in advance so you can secure safe transportation to and from the location.
  • Do not use makeshift seats on equipment. Just because the extra rider is sitting does not mean he or she is safe from harm. Allowing an extra passenger is always a hazard.
  • An enclosed cab does not mean the extra rider is protected. In an overturn, this will not protect the extra passenger from harm.
  • Even if the equipment has a training seat, you should only allow it to be used by people who are legitimately being trained.
  • Familiarize yourself with Zeiler Insurance’s extra rider policy. It is strictly enforced, so set a good example for one another!

If you have questions or concerns on this issue, do not hesitate to call Zeiler Insurance and speak to one of our customer service representatives. As an independent agency, Zeiler Insurance prides itself with quality customer service for the people of the Chicago-land area and the rest of the Midwest. Customer or not, we can review your insurance and see if you are being protected appropriately for the right price.

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