Travelers: Commercial Truck & Auto Insurance

Commercial Automobile insurance provides protection for automobiles used in the course and scope of business. Travelers offers a broad commercial auto product to ensure that company vehicles, and liability for their use, are properly protected.

Who Needs Commercial Truck & Auto Insurance?

Any business that owns motor vehicles or uses any motor vehicles in the course of its business needs commercial auto insurance. Travelers offers the liability and physical damage coverages needed by most businesses. In addition, Travelers provides industry-specific coverage for commercial auto and fleet vehicles for certain sectors, such as public sector and oil & gas. Discover what policy type may be best for your business:

What Does a Commercial Auto Policy Cover?

A Travelers Commercial Automobile policy can provide liability and physical damage coverage for both small and large fleets of commercially owned vehicles. Travelers Commercial Auto coverages include:

  • Liability Coverage*
  • Uninsured Motorists Coverage*
  • Underinsured Motorists Coverage*
  • Physical Damage Coverage*



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