Restaurant Drive-Through Violence Prevention


Restaurants are ideal targets for violence because of the large amounts of cash, late hours and close contact with customers. To reduce violence, consider implementing the following safety solutions.

Operational Measures Checklist

[  ]     Increase security by installing video surveillance, an alarm system and door detectors.

[  ]     Install bulletproof glass and provide access barriers into drive-thru windows.

[  ]     Use drop boxes for delivery of food to customers, especially later in the evening.

[  ]     Increase lighting in dimly-lit areas such as the parking lot and around trash containers.

[  ]     Instruct employees to keep the back door to the restaurant locked unless receiving deliveries.

[  ]     Ensure that at least one supervisor is on duty at all times to assist employees with customer complaints and problems.

[  ]     Conduct safety meetings and provide employees with the appropriate protocol for dealing with angry customers or individuals who become violent.

[  ]     Clearly display contact information for local law enforcement and instruct employees to contact the police immediately if a problem arises.

[  ]     Instruct employees to look customers in the eye to deter would-be criminals and to better assist police in the event of an incident.

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