Liberty Mutual Surety- Commercial Bonds


Tailored surety solutions across industries
Liberty Mutual is known for bonding some of the largest companies in the world – but they also support small and midsize customers with the same level of commitment and expertise.

Because surety is definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, their underwriting teams pride themselves on their diverse knowledge of business sectors and their expertise in delivering surety solutions across industries.

Individual professionals, midsize companies, and Fortune 1000 public and private-equivalent companies all rely on them for customized, flexible bond solutions that support them in the faithful execution of their work and help protect against financial loss.

Specialized surety solutions

Bonds for almost every requirement:

They bring the strength and stability of their Fortune 100 status to every customer relationship and every bond they issue. With deep resources, experienced surety teams, and an organizational commitment to excellence, Liberty Mutual is proud to offer a broad slate of commercial bonds, including:

  • Court and fiduciary
  • Appeal
  • Tax appeal
  • Self-insurer workers compensation
  • License and permit
  • Reclamation
  • Lost instrument
  • Utility payment
  • Service and supply
  • Business services
  • Public official
  • ERISA (up to $1M)
  • Fidelity (up to $500,000)
  • Miscellaneous

Solutions for all sizes

Liberty Mutual's Surety expertise is matched by their strong appetite – and they are ready to work with individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Large commercial
Large, commercial markets in the United States, including Fortune 1000 public and private-equivalent companies, are a great fit with Liberty Mutual Surety. They are also eager to work with multinational corporations. Their programs extend up to $750 million, with significant additional capacity for qualified clients.

Small commercial
Individuals, businesses, and nonprofits are often required to obtain surety bonds, including court, license and permit, notary, and other miscellaneous bonds. They support individuals and small to midsize businesses with commercial bond capacity up to $5 million and can supply probate and public official bonds up to $50 million.

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