It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Hail!

Hail can strike geographically anywhere and can cause major damage to your vehicle. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), over 850,000 hail damage claims were filed in the United States in 2012. If you have adequate warning that a hailstorm is coming your way, you should park your vehicle inside of a garage, in a covered area or place heavy blankets on top of it. To read more about potential car damagers, click here: Beware of "Windshield Bullies". If a hailstorm strikes without warning, take the following precautions to keep yourself and your vehicle safe:

Hailstorm Safety Recommendations

  • Do not get out of your vehicle if you are driving during a hailstorm. In a severe storm, position your back to the windows inside your vehicle and lie down. Then, cover yourself with a blanket from your roadside emergency supply kit. This will protect you in the event that the hail breaks any of your car windows.

  • If you can pull over to the side of the road, do so safely. Then, try to park under an overpass, in a parking structure or in a garage.

  • Park your car on an angle so that the hail hits the front of your car, since your windshield in made of reinforced glass, whereas the side and rear windows are not.

Repairing Hail Damage Tips

If your vehicle did not fare well during a hailstorm, don’t fret. With the help of Zeiler Insurance Services, you will be hitting the pavement in no time! Hail is a regional problem, so it's not covered under general liability insurance.

  • If your car suffered damage to any of the windows, remove broken glass immediately to avoid injuries.

  • Call Zeiler Insurance Services to report the damage. Generally, your comprehensive auto policy will pay for the damages caused by severe weather and natural disasters.

  • Locate a body shop that you trust to make any necessary repairs. If you are having difficulty locating a reputable body shop, we can recommend some to you.

  • Discuss your damage with Zeiler Insurance Services. Inc. and the body shop.

  • Before leaving the shop, make sure that you are fully satisfied with the repairs made to your vehicle. Check for any remaining dents and obtain a written guarantee of their services.

We may specialize in insurance, but promoting safety is a top priority, too. Call us today to learn more about all of our claims reduction strategies and insurance solutions for your auto, home and life.

If you have questions or concerns on this issue, do not hesitate to call Zeiler Insurance and speak to one of our customer service representatives. As an independent agency, Zeiler Insurance prides itself with quality customer service for the people of the Chicago-land area and the rest of the Midwest. Customer or not, we can review your insurance and see if you are being protected appropriately for the right price.

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