How to Protect a Business from Inside & Outside Theft

Chicago businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to theft. Losses from theft can occur in several different forms, and the following paragraphs outline some of the ways theft affects businesses.

Identity Theft

This occurs when a person uses another individual's information for fraudulent purposes. Under federal law, businesses must provide identity theft victims with any records connected to their identity without charge. Businesses should encourage employees to be vigilant about suspicious account activity and to monitor their credit data regularly. All papers with any personally identifiable information should be shredded and disposed of properly.

Internal Theft

While it is essential for businesses to protect their valuables and cash from outside criminals, it is also important for them to have internal protection. Employers should develop plans and use any necessary equipment to protect valuables. This applies to cash, expensive equipment and workplace supplies. Some stealing is committed on lower levels. For example, not all employees plan to steal computers and printers. In some cases, they may be stealing food, paper products or other items. While each small item may not be extremely expensive, they add up over time. In some cases, multiple employees work together to steal supplies and valuables. Experts recommend that employers reduce workplace losses by increasing their possibilities of discovering crimes and decreasing the likelihood that employees will steal. Surveillance cameras in permitted areas, accountability logs and other methods can be used to accomplish this. There should also be strict accounting controls for bookkeepers. It is helpful to have a system in place that rewards loyalty and encourages employees to report coworkers who are stealing.


A robbery occurs when an individual or group uses force to take property or valuables. Businesses that receive large amounts of cash should teach employees how to handle a robbery. Convenience stores, banks, jewelry stores and several other types of businesses are likely targets. To learn how to teach employees properly, contact the local police department. Another good idea is to limit the amount of cash allowed in registers.


This occurs when someone enters the premises with or without force. The key to preventing burglary is to make the business property look unattractive to a criminal. To do this, business owners must think from the perspective of a criminal. Locked gates, special security doors, surveillance cameras, security personnel and alarm systems are all helpful for this purpose. Insurance agents, police officers and local locksmiths can all provide valuable tips for making a business more secure and less attractive to burglars. Some changes they may suggest include shatterproof windows, fences, stronger locks, steel doors and reinforced door frames. Exterior lighting is also helpful. Motion-activated spotlights are useful, and they are especially helpful when paired with surveillance cameras. To learn more about preventing workplace theft, discuss concerns with an agent today.

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