Hedge Trimmer Safety

Tips for reducing your risk of injury at work

Your job includes the use of various outdoor power tools and equipment that can be hazardous. Machines such as a hedge trimmer can cause serious injuries, including amputations. To avoid this risk and protect yourself while operating equipment, observe the following safety precautions while using power tools.

Precautions Before Use

  • Read the instruction manual and receive the proper training before operating the machinery.
  • Inspect the equipment before use.
    • Make sure that the safety guards are in working order and properly in place.
    • Check for loose screws or bolts.
    • Replace any parts that are broken or damaged.
  • Sharpen the blades, if needed.
  • Clear the area of stones, debris and garbage.
  • Make sure there are no co-workers or patrons nearby before beginning.
  • Wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, eye protection (goggles or safety glasses), ear protection (earplugs or ear muffs), non-slip gloves and steel-toed boots with non-slip soles.
  • Pull back long hair and remove hanging jewelry that could get caught on the equipment.

Safety Tips During Use

  • Carry the tool to the desired location by the front handle with the cutting blades behind you.
  • Position your body a safe distance away from the blades.
  • Keep the tool below chest height.
  • Do not remove any of the safety equipment on the tool while it is in use.
  • Hold the tool with both hands, grasping the handles with your fingers tightly.
  • Position your body away from the engine fumes to avoid inhalation.
  • When using electric models, keep the cord away from the blades to avoid cutting it.

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