Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Without adequate insurance, one accident might bring down your business. The fact is, many business owners aren't adequately protected against a catastrophic claim. One accident with a business vehicle or a slip on company property can result in expensive litigation. Umbrella Liability Coverage is a potentially inexpensive way to significantly supplement the limits of your existing liability policy. In fact, you can add $1 million of extra protection for just a few dollars a week.

In many cases, your liability policy may not cover the entire loss - this is where an Umbrella Policy would step in. If this happens, your business could face a multi-million dollar expense. Can your business afford to make up the difference? With an Umbrella Liability Policy you can protect your business in the event of a catastrophic claim.

Multi-million dollar claims are not as scarce as you think. Some of Travelers' own claim examples: 

  1. An insured’s lawn mower blade broke off and struck visitor. $10,060,000.00
  2. A chain-link fence from the insured’s premises blew off roof and struck two pedestrians on sidewalk. $2,025,000.00
  3. A police officer chasing a suspect ran into an unmarked chain strung across insured’s property. $1,477,540.00
  4. A sub-contractor was inflating a tire when the tire and rim exploded, striking the claimant in the head. $1,796,178.00
  5. An elevator in the insured’s building fell four floors, injuring passengers. $2,525,000.00
  6. A patron at an oil and lube facility was asked to pull car up to service bay when the patron lost control and struck minor child. $3,200,000.00


Like I said above, Umbrella Policies can expand your liability coverage for ordinary business mishaps like automobile accidents and customer slips and falls. With an Umbrella Liability Policy in place, there are fewer worries about depleting valuable business assets or future income to cover catastrophic liability claims. An Umbrella Liability Policy supplements your existing policy’s General liability, Auto liability and Employers Liability limits.

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